Learn the difference between then and than.

The difference between "then" and "than"

"Than" is used to compare.

"Then" is used to describe order or time.

Examples for using "than"

  • A bear is larger than a dog
  • A car is faster than a bicycle.
  • Compact flourescent light bulbs use less energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • Someone sent you here rather than typing an explanation again.
  • You make me proud in more ways than one.
  • Smarter than the average bear.

Examples for using "then"

  • Brush your teeth and then go to bed.
  • I'll see you then.
  • If you skip breakfast then you'll be hungry all morning.
  • He likes a cold beer every now and then.
  • Want a new computer? Then start saving!
  • Longhorns trail by 6 in first half, then win 15-7

Why bother? What's the big deal?

You might be a well-spoken person face-to-face and you might be quick with the comebacks, but communicating electronically is an entirely different ballgame. If you want your online statement or opinion to have any credibility, make sure you have correct spelling and grammar!


It's okay to make typso typos, or take shortcuts in ur your informal instant messages. However, when you're typing an email to your boss or co-workers, bad habits (or ignorance) have a tendency to surface and undermine your authority on whatever matter you're discussing.


Why should you bother? Because your reputation depends on it!

Now, do you understand?

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